Growth Africa

GrowthAfrica is an outstanding business accelerator.

Lillian Marenya


Archimedes Project is excited to announce a partnership with GrowthAfrica. Since its founding in 2002, GrowthAfrica has been committed to galvanizing economic growth in Africa by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. The organization has come from humble beginnings; GrowthAfrica has gone from being a small enterprise operating out of a one-room office, to supporting some 1,500 small urban businesses across the African continent.

GrowthAfrica is a business accelerator. They do this by offering strategic advice and access to investments to the organizations that they are partnering with. At once, GrowthAfrica is offering small African businesses access to a swath of international investors and is offering these larger international investors opportunities to grow.

It is an honor for us to be able to work with GrowthAfrica at our Ideation Lab in March! Join us and learn more.