Technology Exchange Lab

TEL brings tech innovations to the worlds most vulnerable citizens.

Archimedes Project is excited to announce a partnership with Technology Exchange Lab (TEL). Technology Exchange Lab is committed to introducing affordable, long-term, innovative technological solutions into the areas of the world with the most economic disadvantage. TEL solutions have many target areas ranging from water and sanitation, to housing and transportation. Their database is home to over 650 innovations so that, no matter the problem, those in the greatest need are always able to find the resource they are seeking.

Technology Exchange Lab’s endeavours extend beyond their robust database. The organization serves as a project accelerator helping other groups identify the best and most efficient solution to implement. TEL also offers a wealth of information for aspiring innovators— such as fellowships, awards, and competitions— and more established creators seeking funding for their projects providing a guide for grants, and investors.

It is an honor for us to be able to work with Technology Exchange Lab at our Ideation Lab in March! Join us and learn more.