Solution Toolkit: Human Centered Design

During this session we will dive into Human Centered Design and examine how to apply HCD to, first, narrow down a problem to solve, then ask the right question to formulate a solution.

About This Event

WHAT: This session will help equip all participants with the tools necessary to be successful during the Ideation Lab: an understanding of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking. It is crucial that participants remember to center the Kenyan people as they design this new enterprise. This will also be the first time that participants and mentors are introduced.

WHY: For the Ideation Lab to be as productive as possible, teams must enter with similar competencies and the same quintessential goal. This session ensures that each team is working with the same focus in mind- providing a sanitation solution that is tailored to the needs of the Kenyan people- and that they have access to the same set of tools. Furthermore, early introductions to mentors give teams ample opportunity to build rapport and to draw on the wealth of knowledge these experts harbor.

March 16, 2019
9:00 am
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Nairobi, Kenya

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